Country Program Agency Total budget Sort descending Status
Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Leveraging Early Identification and Intervention to Strengthen Policy and Systems Capacity to Advance the Rights of Children with Disabilities UNICEF 0.2 Ongoing
Mozambique United Nations Partnership to Promote the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Mozambique UNDP, UNICEF 0.3 Finalized
Palestine Strengthening Respect for the Human Rights of Persons with Disabilities through Legislation, Services and Empowerment in Palestine UNDP, UNESCO, UNICEF, WHO 0.4 Finalized
South Africa Accelerating the implementation of the UNCRPD in South Africa OHCHR, UNDP, UNICEF 0.4 Finalized
Sudan Promoting Access to Education and Health for Children with Disabilities in Sudan UNESCO, UNICEF, WHO 0.4 Finalized
Peru Access to Decent Employment for Persons with Disabilities in Peru ILO, UNESCO, UNFPA 0.4 Ongoing
Dominican Republic Building national capacities for achieving social inclusion of persons with disabilities in the areas of education, employment and participation in the Dominican Republic UNICEF, PAHO/WHO, UNDP 0.4 Ongoing
Cambodia Access to justice without barriers for persons with disabilities in Cambodia UNDP and OHCHR 0.4 Ongoing
Serbia Autonomy, Voice and Participation of Persons with Disabilities in Serbia OHCHR, UN Women, UNDP, UNFPA, ILO 0.4 Ongoing
Timor-Leste Empower for Change - Reducing violence and discrimination against women and children with disabilities in Timor-Leste UN Women and WHO (in collaboration with UNFPA, UNICEF and OHCHR (through the Human Rights Adviser’s Unit in the Resident Coordinator’s Office) 0.4 Ongoing