• Social and attitudinal factors have long combined with an inadequate legal and policy framework to entrench the marginalization of people with mental and intellectual disabilities living in Moldova. Exclusion from mainstream education, incapacitation, institutionalization and long-term deprivation of liberty are just some of the ways in which this process manifested. The UNPRPD programme Paradigm Shift: Strategic Action Supporting CRPD Implementation was launched in 2012 to support the government in a comprehensive reform initiative intended to reverse the discrimination experienced by persons with mental and intellectual disabilities. Five themes were identified as priorities in the context of this project: equal recognition before the law; access to justice; the right to independent living in the community; the right to inclusive education; and independent monitoring of the CRPD.

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      Flag of Moldova
    • Total programme budget$0.5millions
    • UN agenciesOHCHR, UNDP, UNICEF, WHO
    • Duration
      December 01, 2012
      August 01, 2017


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