CRPD Implementation

Despite the success in ratification, progress in implementing the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) has been slow. UNPRPD Fund has adopted a multi-sectoral approach focusing on preconditions for disability inclusion to respond to gaps in CRPD implementation, to avoid duplication and inconsistencies across sectors, and to encourage greater efficiency.

The essential preconditions to CRPD implementation are the foundational aspects that are indispensable in addressing the requirements and views of persons with disabilities and should be considered in public policy making and programming across all sectors.

Countries that set up and establish preconditions for disability inclusion are more likely to ensure effective disability inclusive programming across sectors, such as education, employment, justice, health, etc. Learn more about how UNPRPD addresses gaps in preconditions to CRPD implementation here.

symbol for Equality and non-discriminationEquality and non-discrimination
Symbol for Inclusive service deliveryInclusive service delivery
Symbol for Accountability and governanceAccountability and governance
Symbol for AccessibilityAccessibility
Symbol for CRPD compliant budgeting and financial managementCRPD compliant budgeting and financial management