Evidence based programmes for disability inclusion: The UNPRPD MPTF innovative approach to support participatory system and policy change.

03 February 2022

This event will outline the learning captured so far from UNPRPD MPTF’s new approach to programme design which was adopted following the new Strategy adoption.

The speakers will reflect on the innovative and participatory process established by the UNPRPD to fill the data gaps around disability inclusion alongside with a multistakeholder understanding and agreement around critical priorities at country level to drive CRPD implementation and SDG achievement. The event will also demonstrate that the strong emphasis on meaningful OPD engagement and collaborations across diverse stakeholders and sectors allows UNPRPD MPTF programs to achieve sustainable impact with core funding. Additional background about the approach and methodology can be found here.

Applying the CRPD lens and enabling inclusive participation in the systematization and analysis of existing data across sectors lays the groundwork for successful governmental reforms to accelerate GDS 2022 commitments and enable sustainable systemic change.

This event will provide an opportunity to present learnings, findings, and achievements of UNPRPD’s process and the impact it can have globally.

This event is co-organized by UNPRPD MPTF and UNDP in partnership with the International Disability Alliance, Atlas Alliance, the International Centre for Evidence in Disability and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and sponsored by Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Australia and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Norway.

The session will be held in English and feature simultaneous interpretation in International Sign (IS) and real time captioning.