COSP16: Progress towards Inclusive and shock responsive Social Protection Systems in different contexts

view10 Jun 202310 Jun 2023

COSP16: Inclusive Education: an imperative for advancing human rights and sustainable development

view10 Jun 202310 Jun 2023

COSP16: Equal rights and choices for women and young persons with disabilities: innovative interventions to ensure access to sexual and reproductive health and rights

view10 Jun 202310 Jun 2023

COSP16: Placing disability at ‘the heart’ of recovery plans in Ukraine Lessons from a year of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

view01 Jun 202301 Jun 2023

COSP16: Towards Disability-Inclusive Climate Action: Do We Have All Tools for Change?

view25 May 202325 May 2023

The Right to Political Participation - What Is this Right, Exactly?

view01 Feb 202301 Feb 2023

Side Event –CoSPCRPD 2022

view09 Jun 202209 Jun 2022

Evidence based programmes for disability inclusion: The UNPRPD MPTF innovative approach to support participatory system and policy change.

view23 Feb 202223 Feb 2022

Taking a step back before moving forward: what have we learned to support inclusive recovery?

view02 Feb 202202 Feb 2022