Country Programmes

Country Programmes

Promoting the realization of the exercise of legal capacity of PwD in Argentina

Start Date Ongoing End Date
24 FEB202124 MAR2024
Program Status
Programme budget
US$ 400.000
The programme

The Argentina UNPRPD Programme seeks to support the State and OPDs in advancing the CRPD through enhancing Equality and Non-discrimination, overcoming Service Delivery barriers and ensuring PwD Participation.

The problems that will be addressed by the programme are barriers to the exercise of the independent life and gaps in capacity and knowledge of duty bearers in implementing and coordinating disability policy; participation of PwD and OPDs in decision-making process; mainstreaming disability in SDGs and UNSDCF will also be addressed.

The strategy will be based on supporting the implementation of national and specific regulation and adaptation of specific procedures and laws regulating legal capacity in accordance with the CRPD; the production of evidence for decision-making and knowledge products and the development of training of trainers' programs to bring about attitudinal changes in procedures and service lines aiming at the independent life.

The programme will also address intersectional stigma and discrimination, especially against women and girls with disabilities and indigenous with disabilities, regarding their access to sexual and reproductive health and rights. It will also focus on persons with psychosocial and intellectual disabilities, on the exercise of their legal capacity.

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