• In early 2012 — two years after the ratification of the CRPD —  the government of Costa Rica unveiled a comprehensive strategy to advance the right to work of persons with disabilities. The strategy, based on CRPD Article 27, focused on, among other things, the right to gain a living by work  freely chosen or accepted in a labour market and the right to a work environment that is fully accessible to persons with disabilities. In late 2012, the UNPRPD launched the project  UN Support to the National Plan for Labour Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities. Designed to assist the government’s efforts to promote a more open and inclusive world of work, the project was structured around five strategic areas: improving institutional coordination and governance; enhancing the employability profile of Costa Ricans with disabilities; expanding the demand for workers with disabilities; improving job facilitation services; and promoting entrepreneurship among persons with disabilities.

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    • Total programme budget$0.5millions
    • UN agenciesILO, UNDP
    • Duration
      October 01, 2012
      April 18, 2019


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  • Project Document Phase 1

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    Project Document Phase 1

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