• Following the ratification of the CRPD in 2011, the necessity was identified by multiple Indonesian stakeholders to develop a new disability policy and put in place a more articulated institutional architecture to address the persistent discrimination faced by persons with disabilities throughout the country.  The need was also felt for improved data collection mechanisms and for a more coordinated disability rights movement with stronger capacity to engage in policy dialogue. Given this context, a UNPRPD joint programme entitled Promoting the Rights of People with Disabilities in Indonesia was launched in October 2012 with the following objectives: to enhance the capacity of disability focal point institutions at different levels of government; to strengthen the capacity of organizations of persons with disabilities and improve their collaboration with public authorities; and to assist with the development of more effective systems for disability data collection.

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      Flag of Indonesia
    • Total programme budget$0.5millions
    • UN agenciesILO, UNESCO, UNFPA, WHO
    • Duration
      October 01, 2012
      December 01, 2017


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