• The Secretary-General recently convened his Executive Committee (20 April 2018) whereby it was decided that the UN system would be subject to an institutional review, the results of which would feed into a new system-wide policy, action plan and accountability framework on disability inclusion. The development of the policy, action plan and accountability framework has been designated to the sub-working group of the Inter-Agency Support Group (IASG), and this proposal aims to support the formulation of these key products which will ultimately be considered by the UN Chief Executives Board (CEB) in early 2019.

    The proposal will seek to support the aims of the sub-working group in meeting this demand through a consultative, participatory process under the auspices of the IASG, including a mixed methodology of development and verification including piloting with UNCTs.

    • Quick facts

    • Total programme budget$0.1millions
    • UN agenciesILO in collaboration with members of sub-working group of the Inter Agency Support Group for the CRPD (IASG)
    • Duration
      April 22, 2019
      April 22, 2019