• Ethiopia ratified the CRPD in 2010. Furthermore, a National Plan of Action (NPA) of Persons with Disabilities was adopted for the period 2012-2021, under the leadership of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in consultation with civil society and UN organizations. The project aimed to leverage this favourable institutional context to advance CRPD implementation. It sought to foster collaboration among different actors and maximize the impact of their work through capacity-building on a rights-based approach to disability inclusion at federal and regional levels. Moreover, the project endeavoured to support organizations of persons with disabilities to shift cultural norms around disability through community-based radio programmes and other platforms.

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    • Quick facts

      Flag of Ethiopia
    • Total programme budget$0.5millions
    • UN agenciesILO, OHCHR
    • Duration
      June 01, 2015
      September 30, 2019


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