• An integrated social service reform process launched by the Government of Armenia in 2012 created an institutional platform for the alignment of the disability assessment model in the country with a rights-based model informed by the CRPD and the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF). The precursor to this was the introduction of inclusive education in Armenia and the revision of assessment tools for learners with disabilities within the education sector based on the ICF. This highlighted the need for developing a common approach and understanding around disability and harmonizing service delivery across sectors – education, health, employment and social protection –  as disability is multidimensional and addressing the rights of persons with disabilities requires  an intersectoral approach. This resulted in a ministerial commitment to a multidimensional assessment of disability in line with  the ICF. The UNPRPD Project that commenced in October 2014 aimed to operationalize this commitment.  The project is supporting a nationwide transition to a new disability assessment process and stronger linkage of the assessment process to allied service delivery based on a rights-based understanding of disability, as well as  a roadmap for inclusion of persons with disabilities  in all spheres of life.

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      Flag of Armenia
    • Total programme budget$0.5millions
    • UN agenciesUNICEF, UNDP
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      July 01, 2014
      July 31, 2019


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