• In 1995, Law Nº 1678 of Persons with Disabilities  was approved. It defined norms and provisions  on the rights of persons with disabilities in Bolivia.  The same law established a National Committee of Persons with Disabilities (CONALPEDIS). In 2013, according to Law Nº 223, CONALPEDIS was reaffirmed as a decentralized institution of Bolivia, under the mandate of the Ministry of Justice, which assumes  the lead role at the national level on matters of the rights of persons with disabilities. CONALPEDIS’ central objective is the coordination and oversight of policies, programmes, projects and actions that contribute  to the rights of persons with disabilities in Bolivia. When the UNPRPD project was conceptualized in 2014, it proposed to target key national institutions for disability mainstreaming. To strengthen these institutions, the programme adopted two separate  but interrelated dimensions:   the provision and use of disability-inclusive  data in the ministries of health, education  and justice;   the strengthening of CONALPEDIS’ institutional capacities, given its mandate of ensuring the rights of persons with disabilities.

    • Quick facts

      Flag Bolivia
    • Total programme budget$0.6millions
    • Duration
      October 01, 2014
      June 30, 2020


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