Country Programmes

Country Programmes

UN joint collaboration to accelerate implementation of CRPD and disability inclusive SDGs

The programme

The proposed programme in Bangladesh is an initiative to accelerate implementation of the UNCRPD and disability-inclusive SDGs following a multi-partner approach that includes the government and OPDs, the UN, CSOs and others. It aims to strengthen building blocks, namely equality and non-discrimination, with a specific focus on discrimination against women and girls with disabilities and ensuring accountability, governance, and participation. Capitalizing from existing partnerships with the government and CSOs, and following success factors for a results-based programme designing, planning, implementation, and monitoring and to address the already identified gaps, the envisioned project will ensure evidence-driven programming and advocacy to foster meaningful  participation among OPDs, especially women’s rights  organizations, and stronger compliance with the UNCRPD.       

The project will work closely with key duty bearers and rights holders at national and local level to improve their capacity in coordination, data system management, CRPD reporting, advocacy for disability-inclusive legislation and policy reform, and promoting disability-inclusive skills training and employment. Evidence-based knowledge materials will be developed engaging OPDs to assist them in advocacy work  with key relevant ministries. T

The project envisions systematic improvement in collection and analysis of gender and disability desegregated data contributing in disability-inclusive policy development, implementation and monitoring. The project emphasizes meaningful participation of OPDs in all aspects, with particular focus on prioritizing and advocating on key areas in policy reform and CRPD implementation. The project will be working in creating a sustainable platform for the UN in Bangladesh to work on disability inclusion in it’s UNSDCF (2022-2026) implementation as well as contributing in disability-related SDG indicators.

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