The programme

The Situational Analysis carried out during the inception phase in close consultations with OPDs, national authorities and the UNCT identified as catalytic issues for the acceleration of the SDGs and the CRPD the following priorities:

1. Reducing attitudinal barriers through the increment of awareness regarding the rights of women and girls with disabilities, particularly of their right to fully exercise legal capacity and access inclusive education,

2. Improving the implementation of existing participation mechanisms and normative frameworks to be more inclusive of women and girls with disabilities, and

3. Improving data availability that properly reflects the realities and needs of persons with disabilities, particularly of women and girls with disabilities.

Colombia Entrega 2

The current situation of Colombia offers the opportunity to address those issues in four legal instruments:The reviewing process of the National Disability Policy, The legal capacity Law, The inclusive education Decree, and the review of the Disability Registry established by Law 1618 of 2013.

In this sense, the following proposal includes support to those four legal frameworks in the following ways: ​​​​​​​

Enhance the multistakeholder capacity through the design and implementation of tailored trainings, increase the production of knowledge products and learning and best practices exchange experiences.

Close gaps in achievement of essential building blocks or preconditions to CRPD through the provision of technical assistance to review practical legal instruments with the participation of OPDs and,

Guarantee that planning and SDG monitoring processes are disability inclusive, specially the UNSDCF, CCA and SDG Voluntary Report.

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