Country Programmes

Advancing the rights of persons with disabilities in Djibouti

Start DateOngoingEnd Date
1 Nov 201931 Dec 2021
Programme Status
Programme Budget
US$ 397,105
Thematic focus: Awareness Raising, Disability Policy and/or Law, OPDs capacity building

Implementing Partners

UN Agencies

  • UNDP

Government Organizations

  • Ministry of Women
  • National Commission of Human Rights
  • Secretariat of State for Social Affairs
  • National Division of Statistics (DISED)

Organizations of Persons with Disabilities

  • Action Handicap
  • Vivre Plus Fort
  • Association des Malvoyants, Collectifs de Parents
  • National Network of People with Disabilities

The Programme

The UNDAF for Djibouti emphasizes the focus on “leaving no one behind” and identified people with disabilities as the “invisible” vulnerable group, given their precarious situation and the limited attention and support received. UNDP, UNICEF and UNFPA agreed to join forces in this area.
The Government of Djibouti committed towards ensuring the rights of persons with disabilities and ratified the CRPD and its protocols in June 2012, and submitted its initial report in 2015.

This project aims to create a catalytic, transformative and systemic social change to promote the full implementation of the CRPD to advance the rights of persons with disabilities in Djibouti by facilitating awareness raising, policy dialogue, coalition building and capacity development.


The project aims to achieve the following outcomes:
National profile of persons with disabilities developed and officially validated by rights holders and duty bearers
Cultural norms, beliefs, attitudes and values of civil society in relation to persons with disabilities improved
Improved strategic corporate tools and procedures adopted by Disabled People’s Organizations (DPO) to sustain and develop their operations, and increase their influence on duty bearers
National policy to promote and protect the rights of persons with disabilities formulated and officially validated by rights holders and duty bearers
Given their higher vulnerability, the project will give special attention to women, youth and children with disabilities, and will ensure their full participation. The project will also aim to mobilize additional resources to further increase the capacity of duty bearers to implement the national policy and provide better access to services.

Programme Documents