Democratic Republic of the Congo
Country Programmes

Empowering duty bearers to uphold the rights of persons with disabilities in DRC

Start DateOngoingEnd Date
1 Jan 202215 Mar 2025
Programme Status
Programme Budget
US$ 699,735.00

Implementing Partners

UN Agencies

  • UN Women

Government Organizations

  • Delegated Ministry within the Ministry of Social Affairs

Organizations of Persons with Disabilities

  • FENAPHACO (Fédération nationale des organisations des PH du Congo)

The Programme

The Constitution of the DRC (Article 49) and the law promulgated in June 2022 on persons with disabilities which aims to promote and protect the rights of people with disabilities (PwD) based on the Convention, advocate the construction of an inclusive society. However, the country does not currently have the requisite capacities to achieve this objective. The Convention is largely unknown by both institutional and non-institutional stakeholders. The country does not currently have sufficient mechanisms to facilitate accessibility and full participation by PwDs.
The programme seeks to change sectoral policies in the country by adopting the newly passed domestic law promoting the rights of persons with disabilities.

The programme will also create opportunities for persons with disabilities and OPDs to fully engage in the planning, implementation and monitoring processes of the broader development agenda in the country.

Capacity-building for all relevant stakeholders, including public institutions, OPDs and other CSOs , as well as other stakeholders such as educational organizations will be a central element of the programme.