Country Programmes

Jobs and skills for persons with disabilities with a focus on ICT–based solutions

Start DateOngoingEnd Date
21 Jul 201421 Mar 2022
Programme Status
Programme Budget
US$ 549,997
Thematic focus: Access to Information and ICTs, Awareness Raising, Employment, OPDs capacity building

Implementing Partners

UN Agencies

  • UNDP
  • ILO

Government Organizations

  • Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies
  • National Council on Disability Affairs
  • Ministry of Tourism

Organizations of Persons with Disabilities

  • Al-Nour for Persons with Disabilities Challengers
  • Amal Association
  • Our Children’s Rights for Persons with Disabilities
  • Life Vision For Development

The Programme

People with disabilities (PwD) in Egypt tend to be economically excluded and are non-active in the labor market. Moreover, many disabled people in Egypt lack the needed ICT, soft and entrepreneurial skills to start their own businesses. This project aims to empower PwD through the use of ICT solutions, with a specific focus on the ICT and tourism sector. Capacity building of training and employment service providers will facilitate PwDs employment opportunities in the labor market. The project will be implemented by three partners: UNDP in Egypt, International Labor Organization in Egypt and the Egypt-ICT Trust Fund.
The project aimed to target 6 governorates, 600 young PwDs out of which 300 would successfully integrate into the labour market, 6 NGOs serving PwDs, 200 Design-athon participants (including computer Science/engineering students, young entrepreneurs, NGOs, PwD, innovators, designers and tech-oriented companies), 25 institutions offering improved training and employment services for PwDs, 30 employers engaged in hiring persons with disabilities or offering internships for PwDs, and 60 trainers of public and private training providers.


The project’s objectives were fulfilled by:
Providing baseline needs assessment study in the selected governorates
Promoting the concept of entrepreneurship
Empowering PwD through face to face training and e-learning solutions.
Raising awareness among employers of the benefits of hiring PwD,
Capacity building for NGOs, training and employment service providers and
Encouraging social innovation for enhancing the daily lives of PwD.

Programme Documents