Start Date Ongoing End Date
01 JAN197001 JAN1970
Program Status
Programme budget
US$ 313,568
The programme

This programme proposal submitted by the UNCT Malawi aimed at advancing the enjoyment of disability rights, and implementation of the UNCRPD, related laws and policies through a country programme involving the UN, the Government, disability organizations, persons with disabilities, and the Malawi Human Rights Commission, building on existing work taking place in the country and taking advantage of the comparative advantage of each organization.


The main areas of intervention to build capacity and accelerate behavioural change in the area of disability rights in Malawi, included

Strengthened monitoring and public reporting on disability rights, leading to strengthened generation, analysis and use of evidence on disability for advocacy and interventions to ensure social inclusion of persons with disabilities;

Strengthened knowledge and awareness on disability rights, through an awareness campaign, and training on the UNCRPD for duty bearers, OPDs and an awareness campaign on the myths related to albinism and strengthened engagement and follow up by rights holders and duty bearers with the UN Human Rights mechanisms, including the UNCRPD Committee, and the Committee’s recommendations;

Strengthened collection of disaggregated data on disability in the 2018 census and strengthened analysis of the data gathered;

Strengthened and meaningful participation of persons with disability, particularly women in development and political decision making processes (inter alia through the District Disability Forum, National Disability fora) and strengthened coordination on disability issues)

Strengthened capacity to include persons with disabilities in the delivery of sexual and reproductive health services

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