Country Programmes

Integral model of inclusive attention and care in Mexico

Start DateOngoingEnd Date
20 Mar 201530 Apr 2020
Programme Status
Programme Budget
US$ 549,657
Thematic focus: Access to Health, Early Childhood Development, Social Protection

Implementing Partners

UN Agencies

  • WHO
  • UNDP

Government Organizations

  • Social Development Ministry
  • National System for Integral Family Development
  • Mexican Institute of Social Security
  • National Council for Educational Development (CONAFE)
  • Ministry of Education
  • Early Childhood Education and Care
  • Mexican Agency for Development Cooperation

Organizations of Persons with Disabilities

  • Coalition for The Rights of People with disabilities

National Partners

  • National System for Integral Family Development

The Programme

Early Childcare Facilities for the Support of Working Mothers (Estancias Infantiles para Apoyar a Madres Trabajadoras) is a Mexican government programme in operation since 2006, run by the Ministry of Social Development (SEDESOL). It supports child-care services for mothers from households below the national poverty line, who are working, seeking jobs, or studying, or for single fathers in poverty conditions, without access to child-care services from social security institutions or other means. There are 9,234 early child-care facilities providing services to 308,410 children. Only 30 per cent of them provide services to approximately 4,500 children with disabilities. The UNPRPD project aimed to strengthen the inclusion of children with disabilities in early childcare facilities and the quality of care provided to children with disabilities.


The project was implemented in two phases:
Design of the integral childcare model for children with minor and moderate disabilities, including:

Design of normative frames and guidelines for the accessibility of the facilities; and of protocols for inclusive attention and care, based on a diagnosis of the kinds and degrees of disability.

Capacity building of Early Childcare Facilities personnel, including the Standards of accessibility, the Protocol for inclusive attention and care and the Protocol for case reallocation to governmental and private institutions.

Pilot for the implementation of the model in a sample of daycare centers in Mexico´s south-eastern region, including

Capacity building for 30 trainers in 9 states of Mexican South-Eastern region


Capacity building of 353 Early Childcare Facilities Directors in 9 states including the creation of three tools: (i) Model of inclusive childcare and attention, (ii) Didactic Activity, (iii) Workbook for information exchange between childcare facilities, families and specialists.

Programme Documents