The programme
The project will address three major barriers to inclusion of persons with disabilities in Moldova: (i) predominant medical approach to disability assessment and determination, (ii) limited accountability and governance mechanisms for CRPD implementation and (iii) limited mainstreaming of rights of persons with disabilities in the national programmes, development programmes, budgets and monitoring processes. Related to these three barriers, the program will achieve three inter-related outcomes.
Under the first outcome, the program will build capacities of duty bearers to address preconditions to disability inclusion. The action will strengthen the professional capacity of the National Council on Determination of Disability and Work Ability (NCDDWA) to ensure the full transition from the medical to the human rights-based approach to disability determination. A new model of disability determination will be piloted in three regions across the country. Guidelines will be developed and piloted in three regions to facilitate models of good practice, learning and exchange mechanisms on disability determination from a human rights perspective. The program will enhance the constituency engagement and advocacy capacity of OPDs to support implementation of a human rights centered approach to disability determination for all ages. ​​​​​​​
Under the second outcome, the program will focus on addressing gaps in the domestic legislative framework, regulations and systems on disability determination, data collection and access to assistive devices and technologies. This will be achieved by: (i) producing relevant scoping and feasibility studies in order to identify legislative and procedural gaps; (ii) developing policy options, legal amendments and underlying costing; (iii) creating opportunities (mechanisms) for OPDs to genuinely participate and shape policy development processes; (iv) facilitating an inclusive policy dialogue with all relevant stakeholders.  ​​​​​​​
Under the third outcome, the program will support the UNCT Moldova to mainstream disability into the UN-Moldova Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework for 2023-2027. Efforts will be made to align the domestic framework of SDG indicators to CRPD standards.
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