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The action responds to priority areas as concerns the position and rights of persons with disabilities in Serbia – equality before the law, equality of women and girls with disabilities and the right to work. Therefore, the project was divided into three activity pillars that utilize the involvement of specialized UN agencies, strong partnerships with the government and full participation of the civil society and DPOs. Outcomes and activities are deeply rooted in the CRPD normative framework and recent CRPD Committee Concluding Observations concerning Serbia (2016).

The project approach aimed at wedding its activities to the measures in the new National Strategy on disability rights in Serbia (2017-2020), making full use of the momentum and political and wider cooperation of all relevant actors in the area.

Strong emphasis was placed on partnerships, awareness-raising and capacity building of DPOs, CSOs, duty bearers and rights holders, empowerment of persons and women with disabilities and full inclusion in the decision-making processes.

The activities of the project aimed to employ a spectrum of levers of change – from legislative interventions in strategic areas, to changing cultural norms and awareness of main stakeholders, to building and strengthening capacities of in-focus groups and stakeholders, with specific attention to women with disabilities and persons with psychosocial and intellectual disabilities. 

Overall aim of the project reflected its scope and direction – to advance the autonomy, voice and participation of persons with disabilities in Serbia, in sustainable and measurable qualitative and quantitative terms.

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