Sierra Leone
Country Programmes

Advancing Disability Inclusion in Sierra Leone

Start DateOngoingEnd Date
26 Feb 202131 Dec 2023
Programme Status
Programme Budget
US$ 700,000
Thematic focus: Access to Health, Access to Justice, Disability Policy and/or Law, Inclusive SDGs Planning and Monitoring

Implementing Partners

UN Agencies

  • UNDP

Government Organizations

  • Ministry of Social Welfare (MOSW)
  • National Commission for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD)
  • Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MOHS)
  • Ministry of Planning and Economic Development (MOPED)
  • Statistics Sierra Leone
  • National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA)
  • Other Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDA)

Organizations of Persons with Disabilities

  • Sierra Leone Association of Polio Persons
  • Sierra Leone Association of the Blind
  • Sierra Leone National Association of the Deaf
  • Albinism Royal Foundation

The Programme

The UNPRPD Situational Analysis revealed key challenges to preconditions for disability inclusion in Sierra Leone that guided the design of this programme.


we will support knowledge and capacity building of multi stakeholder actors involved in advancing disability inclusion at country the country level. Even though the country passed a Persons with Disabilities Act (PWDA) in 2011, implementation has been hampered by lack of knowledge among duty bearers and weak capacity of OPDs for advocacy.  These issues will be addressed by trainings targeted to specific groups and practical tools for disability inclusive policies and systems. ​​​​​​​
PWDA revision will be supported to clarify certain such as the definition of persons with disabilities and the main structure of a Disability Fund mentioned in the 2011 PWDA, supported by multi-stakeholder consultations and coordination mechanisms.  Once revised, key aspects of the Act will be operationalized by design and piloting of an assessment/certification system for persons with disabilities to enhance their ability to claim their right to services such as free health care, and by realization of a Disability Fund to attract institutional and private donor funds to supplement what government can provide towards priority areas such as rehabilitation services and assistive devices. ​​​​​​​
Other laws, policies, and systems in a range of sectors will also be reviewed for compliance with CRPD.   Under Outcome 3, tools will be developed for enhanced monitoring of disability inclusive SDGs, with findings widely disseminated to inform scaled up efforts towards SDG realization.

Programme Documents