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Support to ADF – Regional project

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US$ 413,882

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  • UNDP

The Programme

UNPRDP funding supported the establishment and initial activities of the African Disability Forum (ADF), an inclusive, democratic, independent Pan-African organization of representative continental, sub-regional and national federations of organizations of persons with disabilities (DPOs).  Africa was one of two regions of the world without a representative body to promote the rights of, and amplify the voices of persons with disabilities (PWDs – this acronym is used only to reduce text space) and their organizations to regional governmental and other entities.  The African continent is immense with great regional diversity, making it impossible for one organization to represent such diversity.  Thus ADF includes and and builds upon existing structures, capacities and successes.


ADF works in partnership with all organisations that share the ADF objectives and promote the rights and inclusion of PWDs in Africa, including development agencies and banks, civil society organisations, the African Union Commission and member State governments, the African Decade Secretariat (re-named the African Disability Alliance), the UN Economic Commission for Africa and UN agencies, multi- and bilateral donor agencies, academic institutions, private companies, and interested individuals.

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