Country Programmes

For a better access of Persons with Disabilities to services and rights in Tunisia

Start DateOngoingEnd Date
24 Feb 202114 Jul 2024
Programme Status
Programme Budget
US$ 600,000

Implementing Partners

UN Agencies


Government Organizations

  • Ministry of Social Affairs

Organizations of Persons with Disabilities

  • The Tunisian organization for the Defense of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

The Programme

The program is a valuable support to Tunisia in its efforts to harmonize laws and national strategies and programs with the CRPD. It will advance the operationalization of some of the provisions of the CRPD, in particular the amendment of the law 83-2005 on disability and the establishment of national coordination mechanisms.
It will support national efforts to reduce the gap between the legal framework and facts by reducing physical, social and cultural barriers that prevent PwD from fulfilling their sexual and reproductive rights and their right for participation.


The program will focus on the most vulnerable categories with a focus on woman and girls, by adopting a participatory, gender-sensitive and human rights-based approach, using relevant data about PwD in the country.

It will ensure a better integration of the rights of PwD in the UNSDCF, the annual work plans with national partners and in the framework of the implementation of the SDGs. It will contribute to the improvement of accountability and coordination between stakeholders involved in the implementation of the CRDP.

It will allow for broader participation of OPDs and contribute to their greater involvement in the design, implementation, and monitoring/evaluation of programs.