Country Programmes

Promoting disability inclusion in HIV, sexual and reproductive health and social protection in Luapula Province

Start DateOngoingEnd Date
28 Mar 201831 Oct 2020
Programme Status
Programme Budget
US$ 393,587

Implementing Partners

UN Agencies

  • ILO
  • UNDP
  • WHO

Government Organizations

  • Ministry of Community Development and Social Services
  • Ministry of Health

Organizations of Persons with Disabilities

  • Zambia Agency for Persons with Disabilities

The Programme

The project focused on promoting disability inclusion in HIV, sexual and reproductive health services, with a particular emphasis on women and girls with disabilities, and linkages to social protection in Mansa and Samfya Districts in Luapula Province. HIV and sexual and reproductive health are highly underestimated aspects of the lives of people with disabilities reflecting in severe health outcomes. However, without the access to social protection, health services alone are not enough to support people out of poverty and enable inclusion in societies.


The project aimed to capitalize on the existing normative environment, which protects the right to health and well-being of persons with disabilities to strengthen the structural features already in place and build a sustainable approach to disability inclusion that later can be scaled up to national level.

The project focused on changing attitudes and building capacity within communities, among traditional and religious leaders, service providers as well as DPOs to provide accessible services in the selected districts in Luapula. The project also engaged with the provincial administration in providing support to broader disability inclusion at the provincial level.

The project served as an entry point for the UN in Zambia to strengthen disability inclusion in individual agencies.

Scaling up of the lessons learned in Luapula Province on approaches for disability mainstreaming and inclusion at provincial and district level was provided through close integration with policy and programming work taking place under the disability pillar of the UNJP on Social Protection, which included a strong focus on capacity building at national and decentralized level for disability mainstreaming and awareness-raising.

Programme Documents