Country Programmes

Strengthening Disability Rights Accountability, Governance and Coordination in Zimbabwe

Start DateOngoingEnd Date
1 Mar 202130 Sep 2023
Programme Status
Programme Budget
US$ 670,000
Thematic focus: CRPD monitoring (art 33), Disability Policy and/or Law, Intersectionality, National development planning and monitoring, OPDs capacity building

Implementing Partners

UN Agencies

  • UNDP

Government Organizations

  • Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Development

Organizations of Persons with Disabilities

  • National Association Of Societies For The Care Of The Handicapped (NASCOH)
  • Federation of organizations of Disabled People in Zimbabwe (FODPZ)
  • Deaf Women Included
  • Disabled Women Support Organisation
  • Epilepsy Support Organization

The Programme

The Zimbabwe UNPRPD Programme seeks to support Government and Organizations of Persons with disabilities in advancing the CRPD through strengthening disability inclusive Accountability and Governance, advancement of Equality and Non-discrimination and CRPD-compliant Budgeting and Financial management approaches. Building on the Round 3 Programme’s existing rich networks, trust capital, and knowledge products, the Programme will systematically respond to the most recent major National development the National Disability Policy launched by the Government in June 2021.


An effective and responsive implementation of the policy requires strong functional, coordination, accountability and monitoring mechanisms that meaningfully engage persons with disabilities and integrate CRPD budgeting approaches. The Programme will address gaps in capacity and knowledge of duty bearers in implementing and coordinating the disability policy, CRPD compliant budgeting; participation of persons with disabilities and OPDs in decision-making process; intersectional stigma and discrimination affecting the most marginalised, including girls and women with disabilities; and strengthening coordination between the SDGs, UNSDCF, and policy frameworks.

Four priority focus areas of the Programme that will strengthen disability –inclusion.

Support the Government to set up a comprehensive and operational coordination mechanism, that promotes accountability and OPD engagement in the implementation of the National Disability Policy;

Address intersectional stigma and discrimination against women and girls with disabilities and the most vulnerable groups and promote their participation in governance structure;

Influence the national SDG coordination mechanism to ensure disability-inclusion and

Supporting the UNCT to ensure strengthened disability inclusion and monitoring in the UNSDCF implementation (2022-2026).

Programme Documents